Realm of the Mad God, Permadeath MMO

Posted on November 5, 2011


Realm of the Mad God is a fun Co-op fantasy MMO with permadeath and it was made by Wild Shadow Studios. You start with a random character class and once you die for the first time you can choose your own class. At first there are only few classes to choose from but by playing and leveling your character you can unlock more classes. There are total of 13 classes each with their own unique skills and looks.

ROTMG is more about having fun and playing for short periods than actually grinding for hours and hours. The maximum level is 20 which you can attain in a few hours. After reaching max level you can try to do more difficult quests and get better gear.  The game doesn’t have a level requirements for gear or quests, but it can be very difficult to do the harder quests before you get to level 20 and get some gear.

Title screen

The game revolves a lot around dying because it has a permadeath, once you die your character gets deleted and you need to make a new character. Whenever your character dies you attain fame and example unlock new classes. You don’t actually have to kill your character in order to unlock classes, just reach a certain level (level 20 for most of the classes) and it unlocks. But if you want to play the game F2P you’ll only have one character slot, and you need to kill your current character if you want to play with the new class.

You can buy more character slots with gold, but it is quite expensive. At the moment one slot costs 600 gold (they are usually 1000) and 500 gold costs you $5 while 1200 costs $10. So effectively you can get 2 slots for $10 which is quite expensive for just the slots. With that money you can buy awesome indie games from Steam. I know, developers need to get paid for their product but that’s just too much. So when I play ROTMG I am not going to buy any gold because they set the price too high for me. If you could example get 2 character slots for $5, I wouldn’t mind at all for paying that and I think more people like me would buy gold.

In-game partying

But before hammering the developers too much I want to say that Realm of the Mad God is a really well executed game and fun to play. Usually when I am playing an MMO it’s a pain in the ass to find a party. I am a really big fan of the party mechanics the developers put  into the game. You don’t never ever have to wait to form a party in this game. Just find some people killing that Goblin you need to kill and join in.

When you are close enough of the other players and the goblin is killed you’ll get same amount of xp you would get by killing the goblin by yourself. It just encourages to find people to do quests with, because it’s really easy and you’ll get xp faster while partying. Of course there is a down side for this because the loot system is: the fastest one gets the best stuff. There are always people who are ninja looting your stuff but in a small game like this it doesn’t matter so much. What are you waiting for? It’s free go to and start playing already.

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